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This community of healthcare creatives was founded by Carol Bush & Janet Kennedy to:

  • Create a global online community of support, education and referral for healthcare freelance writers.
  • Match healthcare writers to clients needing informed, credible healthcare content for their blog, website, marketing, CME or thought leadership.


Our mission is to:

  • Increase the quality & accuracy of health-related content out in cyberspace
  • Provide opportunities for healthcare professionals of all specialties to leverage their expertise


 Value Proposition – for Writers

  • Access to a robust online community for peer support, training and collaboration.
  • Access to Sponsored PitchFests to establish & grow portfolio

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  • Provide affordable, accurate content solutions for healthcare businesses, startups and medical practices
  • Develop & maintain a community of quality healthcare freelance writers to meet client needs
  • Text broker service for freelance healthcare writers of all experience levels & specialties


 Value Proposition – for Clients

  • Content is created or edited by healthcare professionals, ensuring accurate, high-quality content.
  • All content is edited and checked for originality before first draft submitted to client
  • Multiple package options are available making custom content affordable.



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I have found an incredible group of individuals from all over the world, with similar goals and others vastly different. What brings us together however, is our love of freelance writing. -  Kimberly Jones

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