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A Shout Out To Two #PeopleWhoRock

There are many people who have been key to my growth and development in healthcare social media. Through my blog, I intend to share stories about all of them…via a regular feature titled, #PeopleWhoRock…but right now, I want to give a huge shout out to two key people.

Joni Watson
Joni Watson

First, oncology nurse leader Joni Watson, who blogs at Nursetopia, a nationally recognized ‘Top Nursing Blog’.  I first heard Joni talk about her experiences with social media at an Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) meeting in 2009.

I began following her blog, we later met via Twitter and she connected me to a an opportunity to begin blogging for ONS. She is one of my oncology #socialsisters, a true friend & mentor.

Second, Mic Johnson, a marrvy content marketing and web-development guy with BlueGurus. I connected with Mic after reading their blog for one whole year. I count he and his wife Missy as two of the most AWESOME people I know.

Mic has been a valued and persistent coach…never giving up on my lazy blogger behavior and helping me build a LinkedIn profile that doesn’t suck. The whole story of our valuable relationship is a case study in the ROI you can receive from blogging.

Mic Johnson
Mic Johnson

You will want to check out Mic’s posts here for ‘The Rest of The Story’. (And yes, BlueGurus built my website….in ONE day…working side by side with me…and I didn’t even have to sell off my first-born child!)

Joni and Mic have both taught me through their words and actions that the best bloggers bring value, transparency and entertainment to their community of readers. Here’s hoping you find the stories and resources I share via The Social Nurse that kind of space for you.

P.S. – If you have a suggestion, wish to guest blog or would like me to submit a guest post for you, just shoot me an email.

Carol Bush
Carol Bush

I am a Coach & Mentor to High Performing Health Writers. I co-host The Savvy Scribe Podcast and champion #PlainLanguageWriting.

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