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Carol Bush

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4 Reasons Your Healthcare Business Needs A Content Writer

Whether or not you have a blog on your website, there’s still a lot of writing that needs to be completed as part of digital marketing for your healthcare business or clinical practice. From blog posts and case studies to landing pages and FAQs, there is a surprising amount of written content…

[The Savvy Scribe – EPS 16] Abundance, Pirouettes and The Fit Factor with Elizabeth Hanes, RN

My guest today is Elizabeth Hanes, The Nurse Who Knows Content.  She is one super savvy and successful #HealthWriter who has cultivated close friendships of all different types. Earlier this summer,  Beth and I met via zoom to get up to speed on our mutual recent business changes and upcoming…

I help health brands create authoritative, well-written and well-aligned content. That’s it. Health writing changes lives.