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Coaching Connection: Is a Business Name Necessary For Freelance Writers?

This weeks Coaching Connection question comes from our pal and fellow freelance writer Elizabeth.

Lizz, thank you so much for your question! Although many responded to this in our Facebook group; I wanted to give you my response as well.


Before I started my business, I wrote as myself. I had a WordPress free site that barely received any traffic. Back then, I used the website as a portfolio more than anything else. It wasn’t until I launched my business that I received clients from my website.

Starting an LLC

When you establish your business name, you have to become an actual “business.” I did this through an LLC. Many small companies go this route, but some choose to do a Sole Proprietorship (I will write another coaching connection about those later). I started with an LLC because it doesn’t cost much, and it truly makes your business official.

Playing with the name

I like your idea of your name as your business name as well, but many people do that. The problem that may arise from it is if you start to offer products or different services that may be a collaborative effort, then your name is still the business name. With that being said, my friend Brittany Gidley (Brittany Gidley Photography) still uses her name in her business, even though my sister does photography for her. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter either way, just get your name registered.

My (then 10 year old) son helped me come up with Write RN LLC. My business is my business, but my family likes to help in any way possible. My sons and husband made my business cards and helped design my office. Thanks boys…

Keep personal and business separate

Now that you have decided to start a true business, you need to make sure you are profitable. How do I do that? With every check I receive for WriteRN, it goes into my special business account. I will take 50% of it and put it into my savings/checking account and save the rest in my business account so that I have enough money come tax time. Everyone does things a little different, but I know many people that have had to owe the government way too much because they did not keep personal and business separate.

Get a real website

Professionals establish themselves as professionals. A paid website builds professionalism. Personally, I had a web designer at Home Sweet Hyatt create mine, and now I go in and add/delete things with EASE.


Thanks for the question, Lizz, I hope that helped answer what to do about your business name!


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Janine Kelbach
Janine Kelbach

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