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Coaching Connection


Hi guys! We’re starting a new series of sorts called ‘Coaching Connection’ where we’ll be answering different questions you have regarding the world of writing. 

Today’s question comes from Kimberly in the Healthcare Writers Network asking: What type of laptop is suitable for the freelance writer?

Personally, I had a Macbook back in the day that I loved. One day my son and my dog were chasing each other and a cup of water spilled on it.

Rest in peace, Mac.

Now, I use a new computer called an Asus Chromebook, which is included in my list, so without further ado, here’s the rundown of what I think are the best computers for freelance writers:


Dell Notebook

For $200, this computer looks suitable for a writer. I put this one as number one because it is a Windows-based computer. I still think of myself as a Mac girl, but I know many people are still on the Windows platform.

If you are just starting out this computer will do the job. I would suggest buying Word 2016 for it because some clients do require Word Documents as their final form of your draft.



Apple provides their computers, but the cheapest one you can get is about $1,000. I loved my MacBook because I never had any troubles with viruses or with it freezing. At the time that mine crashed after the dog had spilled water on it I was not the market to spend $1,000 on the computer. I love the computer I have now, but my heart will always be with Mac.

If you are using this computer for more than just business, then I say, make the investment.


Asus Flipbook

The Asus Flipbook is my current computer. It was around $300 but worth every penny. I was originally introduced to a Chromebook when my son was using it in school, and I actually love the platform because I love the Google platform. I love Google Docs, Google Drive, Spreadsheets, etc and the more you use this computer the more familiar you get with it. There are a couple of downsides to it, though. It is smaller, so sometimes you want something that is a little bigger when you are working. Another downside is that the storage on the device is not huge, but you do have Google Drive, so you can store in the “cloud”. Luckily, I still have a desktop computer that I can do my word documents on.

This computer is cute and light, and I prefer it compared to a Macbook, which was a little heavier (though the Macbook Air is lighter) when I was toting it around. It’s also a touchscreen which is cool because my little one can do his iPad games on it. It also flipped to a TV mode it is unique.

There it is. My rundown of three different types of computers and three different types of  platforms that could work for you as a freelance writer. I always suggest getting Word 2016 for any of the computers that you have just because some clients require it and some things don’t work on Mac and Chrome, but everything seems to always work on a Windows platform. If you are familiar with Google Drive, that’s another thing that I would say to use because many clients work off of it.


That’s all I’ve got, for now, I hope that answered your question, Kim.


Do you have a question about freelance writing? Send it to my email or post in our private Facebook group. I will be answering questions weekly.


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Thanks you everyone, see you soon!




Janine Kelbach
Janine Kelbach

Business Coach ツ and Author ✎ I wrote Entreprenurse: 30+ Nurses Turn Into Business Owners and Share Their Secrets to Success Podcast Host ♥ The SavvyScribe - a podcast for freelance healthcare and medical writers and creatives who want to grow their businesses. We cover a wide range of topics on writing, sales and managing your freelance practice.

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