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Content Strategy for Health Brands

Sometimes, businesses need a plan to guide their content.

You know you need content. But what should it be about?

I help health businesses figure out:

  • What they want to say, 
  • When to say it, and 
  • Source my collective of High Performing Health Writers to craft it well.
I create strategies that provide:

​Content marketing ideas
  • Detailed list of topics for your blog, e-newsletter, email blasts/campaign, newsletters, case study series etc.
  • Interesting, relevant, share-worthy topics that:
    • Effectively promote your organization,
    • Differentiate your brand and thought leadership, and
    • Motivate people to take action.
​Schedules for content delivery
  • Calendars/editorial workflow to guide when and how often you should share or post content.

​Key messages about your organization

  • Overarching messages to help you describe your organization—no matter the audience or communications channel.
Suggestions for repurposing content
  • Other ways to use content outside of its original purpose—and get the most out of your investment.

Let’s Connect! I’d love to meet you and explore how high-quality health writing solutions can help you achieve your goals.

I help health brands create authoritative, well-written and well-aligned content. That’s it. Health writing changes lives.