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Content for Health Brands

Sometimes, businesses need a plan to guide their content.

You know you need content. But what should it be about?

My team and I help health businesses figure out:

  • What they want to say, 
  • When to say it, and 
  • I source my talent pool of High Performing Health Writers to craft it well.

Our Solutions

You have content needs, we have a variety of solutions.

SEO & Link Building

There’s no shortcut when it comes to effective content SEO. It takes a practiced eye and a lot of hard work to get it right. We help you with keyword research, content formatting, link building (guest posting) and more, allowing you to build an authoritative and high-ranking web presence. 

Content Strategy

An effective content strategy provides structure for all of your market-facing communications. You’ll use it to prepare for and align blog post content, website copy, and other digital content. It builds consistency around your brand, which is one more step toward greater ROI. 

Writing & Editing

There is nothing more important for your digital presence than quality content. Content brings people to your site and keeps them there. It’s also an opportunity to teach potential customers about how you can solve their unique problems and provide value without asking for anything in return. We do the work to ensure that every piece of content is well-written, relevant, and impactful. Our specialties are blog articles and web copywriting.

Executive Ghostwriting

It’s important for your executive team to share their insights about how they see the market. It builds brand credibility and brings visitors to your site or blog. We’ll write on behalf of your leadership—for your own website or third-party publishers—emulating their voice and tone to create content you can be proud of.

Ready to make an impact?

Now is the time to invest in high-quality health content for your business. Take the first step—get in touch today.

I help health brands create authoritative, well-written and well-aligned content. That’s it. Health writing changes lives.