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Five Lessons from Writing a Book with Puppies

  This is the second part of a series by our good friend Alene. If you missed Part 1 you can check it out here. Happy reading!     Hi, Alene the puppy mom again, checking in. I recently finished two more chapters in my book and I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment. As I…

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Why We Love Planners (And You Should, Too!)

  It’s no secret that planners are very useful in prioritizing your life and business, but did you know how many different types there are? Today, I’m going to share what’s out there, and what I use!   1. Monthly planners Everyone knows what this one looks like. It is a basic big calendar planner.…

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Carving Time Into Your Day

Carving time into your day sounds fantastic in theory; then life happens. Sound familiar? Trust me, I understand where you’re coming from! As a mother, nurse, and entrepreneur, time management is anything but easy. There is one thing all these hats I wear have in common though; They force me to multitask in order to get things…

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