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Create Graphics with Canva

Fast Facts for Freelancers: Creative Graphics with Canva

By Katie Bush | Jan 22, 2017

Serving as Content Marketing Manager for The Social Nurse team comes with the necessity to wear a lot of different hats, but the one I enjoy the most is my graphic designer hat! I like to envision it fitting perfectly and having timeless style ūüėČ Making things aesthetically pleasing isn’t just a preference, but a…

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6 Things Freelance Healthcare Writers Need Before They Quit Their Day Job

By Janine Kelbach | Jan 16, 2017

I will never tell you to quit your job. Why? Well, personally I love my job and I don’t see myself ever leaving, so I certainly can‚Äôt tell you to quit something you love. Even though I didn’t quit my job, I did decrease my hours, therefore reducing my pay, so I’d like to share…

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Carving Time Into Your Day

By Janine Kelbach | Jan 3, 2017

Carving time into your day sounds fantastic in theory; then life happens. Sound familiar? Trust me, I understand where you’re coming from! As a mother, nurse, and entrepreneur, time management¬†is anything but easy. There is one thing all these hats I wear have in common though; They force me¬†to multitask in order to get things…

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Announcing the Launch of the Healthcare Writers Network!

By Carol Bush | Dec 18, 2016

No single thing in the last 5 years,¬†professionally,¬† has been more important to my life than blogging.   It has changed my career trajectory.   It has changed my perspective.   It has changed my emotional outlook.   My first guest post as a nurse blogger was published in January 2012 for the Oncology Nursing…

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For Healthcare Writers: The AMAZING hour of POWER

By Janine Kelbach | Dec 14, 2016

My hour of power is the time when my son goes to preschool. This is when I can get most of my work done. It is only an hour but an hour that I truly¬†need. It is at the prime time in my day which I can focus the most about 10 AM. 10 AM…

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Take Action Now! Launch Your Career as a Healthcare Writer in 2017!

By Carol Bush | Dec 13, 2016

Like many freelance writers I started my entrepreneurial career as a guest blogger. I worked my way up to being a healthcare social media influencer and consultant. I‚Äôve since leveraged that into a business that¬†provides content strategy, ¬†writing and ‘text-brokering’services to healthcare businesses and practices of all sizes across the country. ¬†And yes…I have a…

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How Google Update Affects Patients Looking for Your Practice in their Hometown

How Google Update Affects Patients Looking for Your Practice in their Hometown

By Guest Post | Oct 18, 2016

As an independent healthcare professional there‚Äôs a new Google update that you should be aware of that has been nicknamed ‚ÄúPossum‚ÄĚ for the way that it‚Äôs affecting local search results.   The name, coined by Phil Rozek, refers to Google My Business listings not showing up when in reality they‚Äôre still there, they‚Äôre just being…

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4 LinkedIn Strategies You Can Employ TODAY for Nursing Career Success

By Carol Bush | Sep 22, 2016

I was combing through my connections on LinkedIn recently, when I noticed a former colleague‚Äôs job title had changed. Since I always tell my nurse entrepreneur clients that they should never stop networking, I took my own advice and fired off a congratulatory email. My contact wrote back and said she was excited about the…

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Don’t Get Into A Piss Fight With A Skunk

By Carol Bush | Aug 10, 2016

    My Dad might be the original Disruptive Innovator. Actually, that‚Äôs not entirely true‚Ķmy Marvy Grandma, Anna Evelyn, did her share of questioning authority in her career as a middle school math teacher. ¬†Loved that woman! Like fathers everywhere, he gave me advice. ¬†A LOT OF ADVICE. As a young woman, I completely did…

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