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Why We Love Planners (And You Should, Too!)

It’s no secret that planners are very useful in prioritizing your life and business, but did you know how many different types there are?

Today, I’m going to share what’s out there, and what I use!

1. Monthly planners

Everyone knows what this one looks like. It is a basic big calendar planner. They look like this:

pasted image 0

2. Weekly/Monthly

You have the planners that break down the weeks and months into sections to help you prioritize, which look like this:

pasted image 0 1

3. Virtual Planners

If you are a techy person, then Google Calendar may be your best friend. The problem with virtual planners, for me, is that I am forced to look at it. With a pen and paper planner, I open a page and see my entire month.

4. My planner

I love my little notebook I was given as a holiday gift from a client. It is a blank journal, and I fill it as I need with things to do, projected income for the month, etc.

Recently, I bought a little binder from Target’s dollar bin to try for 2017. They’re not only productive, but cute as heck, too! I have a monthly calendar, weekly, daily and hourly planner, as well as a notes area.

5. The war zone

This, I have to laugh at. Carol and I recently shared our war zones with each other. They mostly consist of papers on a bulletin board, which my husband doesn’t understand how I see that as organized, but I do. We have a system. After all, we’re working on our next course and it has a lot of topics and subtopics to plan!

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Sometimes I don’t feel organized until I’ve spent a half of a day organizing myself, but it gives me a sense of peace when I can get things done in an orderly manner. Its just part of being productive! Sometimes, you can spend a day thinking you are going to get things written and done, but you end up just organizing, but this clears your mind to write, so it’s perfectly okay!

Now, although I prefer a traditional planner for my writing business, I use Google Calendar for my family and I’s crazy schedules. This works great for things like kids’ practices, my other job, and family functions!

What works for you? Is there a better way I can organize my life?

Janine Kelbach
Janine Kelbach

Business Coach ツ and Author ✎ I wrote Entreprenurse: 30+ Nurses Turn Into Business Owners and Share Their Secrets to Success Podcast Host ♥ The SavvyScribe - a podcast for freelance healthcare and medical writers and creatives who want to grow their businesses. We cover a wide range of topics on writing, sales and managing your freelance practice.

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